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List of 15 Most Affordable Airbnbs in Nakuru

Discover Nakuru’s beauty on a budget! If you’re planning a trip to this scenic Kenyan destination, you’ll be delighted to know that affordable Airbnbs abound. Join us as we unveil some of the best budget-friendly options in Nakuru, where comfort meets affordability among beautiful scenery.

#1. Two bedroom Apartment(Ksh.4500/Night)

This AirBnB is in a super cool spot in Nakuru! You can easily explore the fun stuff in the city, like yummy food, cool places, and beautiful nature. Whether you’re staying a little while or a long time, this place is the best starting point for your Nakuru adventures.

#2. 2-Bedroom Home in Milimani Estate. (Ksh.5000/night)

Discover your cozy 2-bedroom home in Milimani Estate, Nakuru! It’s super close to Nakuru town, so you can easily reach all the cool places. Plus, you’re just a hop away from places like Hotel Waterbuck, Ole Ken, and Sarova Woodlands for events. Forget about cleaning because they’ve got that covered, and you can have fun at the gym and pool too. You’ll always be connected with fast internet, and your car will be safe in our parking spot with guards always on duty. Cook up some tasty meals in our awesome kitchen! It’s easy living here in Milimani Estate. Welcome home.

#3. One-Bedroom Airbnb in Nakuru. (Ksh.2500/night.)

Welcome to this awesome one-bedroom Airbnb in Nakuru! It’s super cozy and fancy, perfect for short or long trips. You’ll sleep like a dream in this comfy bed and can cook yummy breakfasts in the kitchen. They’ve even got a cool patio to chill on. If you’re here for work, no worries – we give receipts for your stay, and there’s fast internet for everyone. Plus, this place is super safe with guards all the time. Come and have a fun time in Nakuru.

#4. 3 Bedroom Airbnb Apartments. (Ksh.8000/night.)

Welcome to this awesome 3 bedroom Airbnb apartments in Nakuru, super close to the CBD! Each room has its own bathroom, and the kitchen has everything you need. It’s really a quiet place, but still easy to get to the city. You’ll love the rooftop view of Lake Nakuru and the city skyline. And don’t worry about parking – it’s safe and secure. With 24/7 security and fast Wi-Fi plus Netflix, you’re all set. And being near the highway makes it super convenient. Come stay and enjoy Nakuru.

#5. Comfy Studio Airbnb. (Ksh.3000/night.)

Welcome to this comfy studio Airbnb, just a few minutes from Nakuru town! You’ll feel safe with CCTV cameras and enjoy easy parking. Cook in the kitchen, chill with high-speed WiFi and Cable TV (Zuku) on a Smart TV. Plus, they provide toiletries and clean linen. Stay for a hassle-free Nakuru trip.

#6. studio Airbnb. (Ksh.3000/night.)

Welcome to this studio Airbnb just minutes from Nakuru town. They prioritize your safety with CCTV cameras and offer ample parking. Inside, enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, high-speed WiFi, and Cable TV (Zuku) on our Smart TV. Plus, we provide toiletries and clean linens for your comfort. Experience Nakuru with ease – book your stay today.

#7. 3-bedroom home in Milimani Estate

Welcome to Skyline Villa Furnished Apartments in Nakuru! This cozy 3-bedroom home in Milimani Estate is super comfy and close to town. You’ll love the quiet area, hot showers, and big rooms. Plus, They have a housekeeper to help keep things tidy, and security to keep you safe. Enjoy fast WiFi and watch your favorite shows on our big TV with Netflix. And don’t forget to have fun in the swimming pool and gym! Come stay in this place for a great time in Nakuru!

#8. Studio Apartments in Naka section 58. (Ksh.2500/night.)

Welcome to this studio apartments in Nakuru’s Naka section 58, just 2500 per night. Perfect for work or fun, these cozy spots have everything you need, like comfy beds and free Netflix. Plus, they’re close to lots of places to eat and shop. Book and enjoy your stay.

#9. Brianah Apartments: One-Bedroom Apartment.(Ksh.3000/night)

Welcome to Brianah Apartments. This cozy one-bedroom apartment near St. Mary’s Pastoral Center has all you need. You’ll sleep well in the comfy bed, and your car will be safe with free parking. Relax in the living room with a big TV and Wi-Fi, and enjoy a hot shower in the bathroom. The kitchen has everything, and we provide basic stuff like toiletries and drinking water. Plus, it’s close to Nakuru town and fun spots like the 7D Club and Hill Court Resort and Spa. Come and have a great time in Nakuru.

#10. One-Bedroom Airbnb in Upper Hill.(Ksh.2500/night)

Welcome to this cozy one-bedroom Airbnb in Upper Hill, Nakuru! Enjoy secure parking, fast WiFi, and a Smart TV with Netflix and YouTube. Cook in a fully equipped kitchen and take in stunning views from the rooftop. With all amenities and great service, it’s just a 10-minute drive from Nakuru town, close to 7D and the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. Come and have a fantastic time in Nakuru.

#11. Mount Zion Apartments: One-Bedroom Apartment. (Ksh.2500/night)

Welcome to Mount Zion Apartments near St. Mary’s Pastoral Center! This fully furnished one-bedroom apartment offers a comfy bed, free parking, and a homely living room with a smart TV. Enjoy Wi-Fi, hot showers, and a spacious kitchen with all essentials. It’s close to Nakuru town, the 7D Club, and Hill Court Resort and Spa. With mini-supermarkets nearby, it’s perfect for short or long stays in a secure neighborhood. Come stay and have a great time in Nakuru.

#12. Spacious 2-Bedroom in Milimani. (Ksh.3500/night)

Welcome to this executive furnished Airbnb in Nakuru’s Milimani area! This spacious 2-bedroom retreat offers luxury and comfort. Plus, enjoy discounts for long stays, allowing you to experience Nakuru for longer. With modern amenities and a prime location, your stay will be unforgettable. Book now for a fantastic time in Nakuru.

#13. 3-bedroom house in Milimani Estate(Ksh 7000/night)

Welcome to this awesome 3-bedroom house in Milimani Estate! It’s in a quiet area and easy to get to. You’ll love the hot showers and big rooms. They have a housekeeper to help out, and security all day. There’s lots of parking and fast WiFi too. Plus, we have Netflix for cool shows and a swimming pool to splash around in.

#14. Two-Bedroom Airbnb in Nakuru City. (Ksh.5500/night)

Welcome to this cozy two-bedroom Airbnb in Nakuru City, just a stone’s throw from the CBD! Enjoy hot water, a fully equipped kitchen, and an outside balcony for relaxation. Dive into entertainment with our smart TV, WiFi, Netflix, DSTV, and Showmax. With ample parking and 24/7 security, your stay is hassle-free. Come and experience the charm of Nakuru City.

#15. 2 Bedroom Apartments. (Ksh.5000)

Welcome to this fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments in Nakuru’s peaceful Naka area! Enjoy high-speed WiFi, free secure parking, and 24/7 security in a quiet environment. Relax with Netflix Premium and take in lake views from your balcony. With a fully furnished kitchenette and hot showers, plus just a short drive to Nakuru town, this apartments offer convenience and comfort. Book now for an amazing stay in Nakuru.

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